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Are Gut bacteria making you fat?

Learn The Real Secret About How Your Diet, Intestinal Health, and Gut Bacteria Help You Burn Fat

  •  New research has proved that the “calories in–calories out” path to weight loss is obsolete. 
  • Learn how you can curb appitite cravings and burn more fat through improving the health fo your gut.

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What are others saying about the book?

"All health starts in the gut and Mike goes into detailed explanations on how to get your gut healthy for optimum health. I would highly recommend this book." -Kelly Hess, CN

"...Thank you Mike for this excellent book which I feel is a must for any practitioner really wanting to optimize their patient's health and reduce their risk of dangerous disease."-Dirk Parvus MD

"This book is a must!" -Pauline Haugen, DC

I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to lose fat and especially those in the medical industry who work with metabolic syndrome. Nice writing Mike!” -Matt Angove, ND

“Mike Mutzel does a great job….He addresses inflammation, gut health, sleep (or lack thereof), nutrition, exercise, mitochondrial health, environmental toxicity, and more. All thoroughly documented and referenced.” -Michelle Peris, ND

“ I cannot recommend it enough. I wish all doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists would devour this book with its wealth of information so that blaming the obese will cease and hope can be offered with the empathy that it deserves.” -Donald Jacobson, MD

This book not only details the complexity of diet and lifestyle on the body’s biochemistry (hormones, neurotransmitters and immune system) but does so in such a way that both the professional and the lay person can follow. I recommend this book to all my patients who have diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, mental/emotional health, difficulty losing weight….. A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE -Toby Hallowitz, ND 

I love this book! I recommend it to patients as a must read book! Full of motivating research based information! “ -Jennifer Turesky, MS, RD

I only wish this book was around when i started my practice. For any serious personal trainer, weight loss consultant, nutritional therapist, functional medicine consultant or sports nutritionist its a MUST.” -Eoin Lacy, MS, CSCS

This book should be in every doctor's helps patients understand the importance of diet beyond calories, it helps them understand proper timing of exercise, sleep, meals etc. Finally a book that puts practical advice into a clear, concise, and referenced source." -Sachin Patel, DC

I'm looking forward to re-reading this book to absorb more of all the usable information! I love all the referenced medical papers too!...So much good information!" -Richard Reed, OPA